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  • Early 2006 the Provisional Rotary Club of Mitchell Morning Stars was established. 

  • In June 2006 the name changed to the Provisional Rotary Club of Mitchell-Gungahlin (RCMG) to reflect the catchment area of the Club. 

  • The first project undertaken by the Provisional Club was the ‘Canberra Times Project’. The project's aim was to promote Mitchell and Gungahlin businesses in the Canberra Times and sponsored by the Club. The project involved quarterly full-page spreads in the Canberra Times. The spreads included information on Rotary, business profiles, and advertising. If there was sufficient interest, the feature would be a double-page spread, one page for each business district. The first promotion occurred on 30 August 2006. 

  • Mitchell-Gungahlin became a Satellite Club to the Rotary Club of Ginninderra. The first members of the Satellite Club were inducted as members of the Ginninderra Club at a function on 19 September 2006 and attended by the District Governor. They were: Danny Wu, Mark Dennison, Denise Tompsett, Yoga Nathan, Jim Robinson, André Ferreira, Torben Bilney, and Rowley Tompsett. 

  • February 2007 an interim Board was established for implementation following the Chartering of the Club, with Rowley Tompsett as Club President. 

  • As of October 2006, the Provisional Club’s membership status was: Rotarians 9, Transfers 2, and Prospective members 2 - a total of 13. November 2006 there were 12 Rotarians. December 2006 there were 13 Rotarians. 

  • 6 June 2007 the Rotary Club of Mitchell-Gungahlin was Chartered by the Rotary Club of Ginninderra with 21 members. The Charter Dinner was held on 23 June 2007. On 29 July 2008, the Club was incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory. 

  • August 2007 the Club presented a prize to students from Burgmann College Art class for their Banner Design for the Club. 

  • 27 November 2007 the first Annual General Meeting for the Club was held. 

  • At the 2007-2008 District Changeover, the RCMG received the Rotary International President’s Citation for meeting all of the goals set by RI President Wilf Wilkinson for the 2007–2008 Rotary year. 

  • Charter President Rowley Tompsett announced the Club Rotarian Award.  This award, dedicated to the memory of PP Kevin Tompsett PHF, recognises a Rotarian who has provided exemplary support to the Club, in any of the activities in which it has been involved. For her contribution to the administration of the Club in its first year, Secretary Robbie Jobson was awarded the inaugural PP Kevin Tompsett PHF Memorial Award for Club Rotarian. 

  • The Rotary Club of Gungahlin, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mitchell‐Gungahlin—was presented with its Charter at a Charter Dinner on 13 October 2008. 

  • The Rotary Club of Aurora Gungahlin was chartered in May 2010. It had been originally chartered in 2007 under the name of Mitchell Gungahlin.  However, it was felt that the link with the suburb of Mitchell was no longer appropriate due to its new meeting location.  

  • Our Club has been involved in a range of community based projects such as:

    The Purchase and installation of Defibrillators in the Canberra light rail cars.

    The Procurement of powered wheelchairs for ACT Wheelchair Soccer.

    Provision of a Mobile kitchen for Canberra PCYC.

    Procurement and donation of equipment to Bathurst Base Hospital.


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