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Gungahlin's Own Community Market

When : Second and Fourth Sunday of every month

What time : 10 am till 2 pm

Where : Gungahlin Town Square in front of Library

The Gungahlin Community market is a Rotary project for the two Gungahlin Rotary Clubs:

Rotary Club of Aurora Gungahlin and Rotary Club of Gungahlin


For registrations and expressions of interest please contact:

Susan: 0420 634 862 or

Market map.png

Vendor Information

Rental cost per 3x3 m square


​Payment made on the day of the market

You need to provide your own insurance


Location & Time

The Gungahlin Community Market is every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 10 am- 2 pm. Access to the site is from 8.30 am for setup.


Stallholders Rules & Responsibilities

2.1 Fees and Insurance


• A single stall costs $20 per area. This relates to room for a 3m x 3m gazebo tent for vendors outside. Vendors can rent up to three spaces per stall.

• All stallholders need to have their own product liability insurance ‘certificate of currency’ prior to commencing trading at the market.

 2.2 Stallholder and Produce Eligibility


• All stallholders will be farmers, gardeners, bakers, makers or cooks who produce what they offer for sale. This includes products made from sheep and alpaca wool, plants and livestock.

• Second-hand books, CDs and videos and good quality clothes will also be acceptable.

• Exceptions to the above may be made at the discretion of the Market Manager & the Market Committee.

• Priority will be given to producers supplying biodynamic, organic and minimal spray produce.

• Each new stallholder must supply a description of what they plan to sell to ensure they meet the guidelines of type of stall they have.

• To ensure diversity no more than 10% of stalls will be allocated to any one item.

2.3 Bookings/Cancellations

• New bookings must be confirmed with the Committee Manager no later than 10 am Friday prior to Market. Email Susan West at or phone her on 0420 634 862.

• CANCELLATIONS: Site bookings can be cancelled up to 10.00 am on the Friday prior to the Market. Late cancellation or non-appearance without cancellation will mean regular space will be allocated to another stallholder and may not be available again.

 2.4 Stall Assignment


• Assignment of stalls will be made prior to the market and a map will be sent to all vendors on the Friday before the market. If you have a permanent site and leave for more than 3 consecutive markets your space will be forfeited. The Market Manager will try to give you your original space. However, if a new regular stall holder has filled that gap, they will not be asked to move. Stall distribution is at the discretion of the Market Manager in line with the best interests of the market.

• A plan of the set-up will be emailed the Friday before the market. 

• Gungahlin Rotary Clubs reserve the right at any time to alter the size, shape and position of floor plans as may be necessary for the best interests, risk management and legal requirements of the market.

2.5 Access


• Access to the site is from 8.30 am. Vendors are required to have their sites ready, with all exhibits displayed and ready for sale from 9.30 am to 2.00 pm. Stalls must be open to view and properly staffed by a competent representative during operating hours. No person under the age of 15 years old is to be in charge of a stall.

• Stalls cannot be dismantled until 2 pm and not before unless sold out.

• Stalls holders will remove their vehicle from the market area no later than 9.30 am.

• Cars are to be parked in the Big W car park or nearby outside car parks. They can not be left on the side of the market.

2.6 Quality Assurance


• All vendors are expected to maintain the Market’s freshness and high-quality standards.

• Vendors are responsible for the decoration and maintenance of their site in a clean and tidy condition at all times.

• The Market Manager reserves the right to refuse the sale of goods not considered acceptable under the new ANZFA food safety regulations.

 2.7 Legal Requirements



• All vendors must have signs that display their name and address in a prominent manner whilst trading at the Market.


• All vendors must comply with appropriate labelling regulations and acquire any necessary licenses (e.g. for wine sales) or permits for selling or producing their products. Copies of these licenses must be given to the Market Manager before selling at the Market.

Weights & Measures

• Vendors must weigh all goods on-site on certified scales as required under the Weights & Measures act.

Food Safety

Producers must understand their obligations under the Food Safety Act.


Call Susan West on: 0420 634 862 |  or

Email Susan at

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